I held you in my hands, and you were beautiful
Saludos! I'm 'a 27year old female from Austria. This Blog is as chaotic as i am XD so you'll find maaany different things. But mostly Jensen Ackles. Because he's perfect. And beautiful. And gorgeous *drools* XD I like colourful things, everything cute and i'm in a lot of fandoms

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The worst part about depression that’s on again off again is that you can never tell if you’re making progress and actually feel better or if you just had a couple of good days and the second something goes wrong you’ll be right back where you started.


SPN Rewatch - 6x08 All Dogs Go to Heaven

Inspiring: Bonsai
Fantastic Landscape by Kuanghua Hsiao 
You can watch more of these breathtaking Bonsai-Art here